hello, internet

i am printing my first-ever chapbook (which is not at all the one i initially had planned) tomorrow

let me know if you want a copy and might pay like 5-7 bones for it

i am a little shit and am only here, for a second, to promote myself or whatever, but anyway this is a thing

ETA: just fyi there’s a fair amount of content that could be triggering, so lmk if you’re interested but hesitant and i can answer any questions you have about the content

hi everyone i need to stop posting here and interacting with y’all for at least a while maybe for a long time for important personal reasons that i’m not gonna go into, even if we are mutuals. i hope everyone is feelin’ good and safe and warm and happy it’s just a thing i gotta do even though i enjoy and appreciate this bar and the folks in it. *hugs*

ETA: don’t worry i am fine

there’s this weird fucking dress at a local vintage/consignment store that’s like corduroy and cotton straps and some net and it’s this awful light brown and even though “i don’t wear brown” i want it sfm, but, like, they should give it to me for free because i’m maybe one of the only people in this town who would wear the dam thing it’s so ugly and weird and industrialesque i’m in love